Which Dog Crate Is Right For My Labrador

The Best Dog Crate For Your Labradoodle

There are many factors which influence your decision whether or not to get a large dog crate. Some of these include: Size, Cost, Roominess, Security and Longevity. There are also other considerations such as personality traits and temperament.

These factors will all play into how well the crate fits your needs and lifestyle.


A large dog crate is one of the most expensive options available. However, if you have a larger dog then getting one may make sense. A large crate will allow you to house train your new canine companion without having to spend hours every day at the kennel.

If you have a small dog, then it might be better to go with a smaller sized crate since they tend to need less space than their bigger brothers and sisters.


If you’re looking to buy a large dog crate, then you’ll likely want to do so before you take delivery of your new pet. You could pay upwards of $300-$400 dollars for a good quality one. If this isn’t possible, then you may be able to save money by buying used ones from various online retailers.

You can even try Craigslist where there are often great deals on used crates.


Whilst a large dog crate might look very nice and offer more space, it’s really only suitable for pet owners who are planning on using it as an open-door den type arrangement. If you’re planning on using a crate as a regular cage, then the large crates won’t offer enough security and you’re better off looking for a medium or large sized one instead.

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Whilst large dog crates can look very aesthetically pleasing with their sliding doors and viewing windows, most of the models out on the market today are not designed with security in mind. The folding door and window designs are simply too easy for a large strong dog to knock over or break open. This is why it’s better to get a crate with thick sturdy bars as these offer much better protection from any escape attempts.


The final factor you need to think about is longevity. Whilst large dog crates may look very attractive, they may not be the most practical option in the long run. They can be quite bulky and difficult to store if you ever need to move houses or go on holidays.

They also weigh quite a bit more due to their sturdiness and size.

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