Why Do Dogs Dig In Their Beds? 9 Reasons And How To Stop Them

Why Does My Dog Dig In His Bed?

Dogs are social animals and they have evolved with their human companionship over thousands of years. They enjoy being close to humans and enjoy playing with them. However, some dogs develop a strong attachment to us and it’s not just because we’re food or toys. Some dogs love us so much that they’ll go through great lengths to please us.

Some dogs will even play games like hide and seek to get away from other dogs or humans. Other times, they may even dig under beds and furniture in search of something to eat. If your dog likes doing these things, there are probably good reasons behind it!

However, if your dog digs in his bed because he doesn’t want you to leave him alone then he might need professional help. Here are nine reasons why your dog might be scratching his bed:

1. Your Dog Is Depressed Or Sad

If your dog is depressed or sad, he might be bored and tired all the time. He may also feel lonely sometimes. These feelings make him want to curl up in a ball and sleep most of the day.

When he finds no one around, he’ll turn into a destructive tomcat who destroys everything in sight until someone comes along to give him attention again.

To stop him from being destructive, you can try giving him more attention, playing with him, or getting him a friend!

2. Your Dog Is Excited

Does your dog get excited whenever someone walks through the front door?

If so, he probably really likes that person and wants them to come inside. Many dogs get very excited when their favorite human comes home so they might dig their beds because they’re just so happy to see you!

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