Why We Love Kong Toys For Our Labradors

Why We Love Kong Toys For Our Labrador Puppies:

1) They are durable and long lasting!

2) They are easy to clean!

(they don’t leave any smell!)

3) They provide lots of exercise!

(they keep your pup busy for hours!)

 4)They have great design features like unique shapes, different sizes, colors, materials and designs.

5) They are fun to play with! (you will enjoy playing with them!)

6) They are very affordable!

(a small bag of Kongs costs less than $0.10 )

7) You can easily transport them anywhere.

(they do not break easily when being transported or moved around.)

8)You can train your dogs to use these toys! (they teach your dogs new tricks and skills!


Why We Love Kong Toys For Our Labradors from our website

9) They are good for socializing your dogs with other dogs! (they make it easier to get along with other dogs!)

10) You can give them to friends and family members without worrying about them stealing them! (they are not dangerous!)

Kong toys are a great way to entertain your dog while they’re at work or school. You can also stuff them with food or treats.

You can even freeze them with peanut butter for a cool snack on a hot day. They are extremely durable, and come in lots of different sizes and colors.

Kong toys come in many different shapes and designs. They can be stuffed with treats and give your dog hours of entertainment while also keeping them busy and mentally stimulated.

The absolute most important thing is to make sure you are getting the right size toy for your dog. You should carefully measure your dog’s mouth and make sure that the diameter of the toy you choose is roughly the same size as your dog’s mouth.

Here are some of the best toys made by Kong:

The Classic Red Kong: This is the original, classic Kong. Many dogs enjoy this one in particular because of its hard exterior and ability to bounce.

A Note On Sizing: The very first time you buy your dog a Kong toy, you should take the time to measure your dog’s mouth and get him or her the right sized toy. You should make sure that it is large enough for your dog to hold in his mouth and bite down on but small enough so that it doesn’t fall out when he shakes his head vigorously.

The Black Kong: The black Kong is made of a softer rubber and is more easily torn than the original red Kong. It can also be stuffed with treats and is very long lasting.

A Note on Sizing: The black Kong can come in many different sizes so make sure you get the right sized toy for your dog. It should be large enough for your dog to hold in his mouth, but not so large that he can easily bite down and swallow a large piece of it.

The Extreme Kong: The extreme Kong is the same as the classic red Kong but it has an interior core that can be filled with either peanut butter or dog treats. It comes in various sizes.

The Mini Kong: The mini kong is perfect for smaller dogs and puppies as it is made of a softer rubber and is easier to chew through.

Why We Love Kong Toys For Our Labradors from our website

The Wobbler: This toy is great for dogs who like to play fetch as it can be thrown and will wobble as it bounces around.

Kong also has many other types of toys that can keep your dog busy and entertained. They offer toys that can be filled with treats and are then sealed closed so the dog has to work to get the treats out.

They also have toys that make sounds and squeak. Always check the label on the package for the right age range and size toy for your dog.

When choosing any toy for your dog, always remember to choose one that is non toxic and non-abrasive. You do not want to give your dog anything that will hurt his teeth or damage the inside of his mouth.

Be sure to discard of any damaged toy, and never give your dog anything that is plastic, vinyl, or made out of lead.

You should also remember to always supervise your dog whenever he is playing with a toy. Even if you give him a toy that is safe and non-toxic, he could still try to eat pieces of it or swallow the stuffing inside.

Shopping Tips

Always make sure to measure your dog’s mouth before buying any toy. You should also pay attention to the age range listed on the package to make sure that the toy you choose is right for your dog.

You should never give a young, unsupervised, aggressive chewer any toy made out of cloth or thread since they have been known to quickly destroy such toys and then swallow pieces of them which can lead to blockages and other health problems.

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Also remember that different dogs play with toys in different ways. While one dog may prefer to rip a squeaky toy apart as fast as he can, another may prefer to carefully lick the stuffing out of a doll without making a sound.

If you notice that your dog seems to really enjoy a particular kind of toy, look for other toys made by the same company since they probably will appeal to him as well.

Remember to choose the right sized toy for your dog. While a toy that is too large might look like a lot of fun for your dog, he could hit himself in the face with it or step on it and hurt his foot.

Pick toys that are small enough to be out of the way when your dog is eating, but still big enough for him to get a grip on them.

A Few Words of Caution

Every dog plays differently, and what you consider to be safe, your dog may not. Just because the toys we have mentioned are rated for a particular age range and size does not mean that all dogs play with them in the same way or that they can handle them the same way.

Always watch your dog when he is playing with any toy, and remove the toy if you notice pieces starting to break off or if you notice that your dog is beginning to chew on one particular area more than another. Always make sure that all plastic pieces are safely secured and not going to come off and potentially choke your dog.

Always keep an eye out for any changes in your dog’s behavior. If you notice that your dog is not playing with his favorite toy as much or if he shows any signs of distress or pain when playing, be sure to take him to the veterinarian before taking away all his toys.

You may find that he has a medical condition that prevents him from playing like he used to or that he needs dental work which would explain why he is favoring one side of his mouth while chewing.

After doing some research it is apparent that you can easily find many different types of dog toys that can occupy your dog for quite a long period of time while you are out of the house. No matter how well you think you have trained your dog, without proper toys to play with he or she may get bored which can lead to destructive chewing and other behavior problems.

Remember to always supervise your dog when playing with his toys and take toys away if he or she is not playing with them any longer.

Why We Love Kong Toys For Our Labradors from our website

As you can see, there are a lot of different types of dog toys on the market today. Whether you choose a hard rubber bone, stuffed animal, squeaky toy or even a flying disc for your dog to play with while you are away at work or run errands, be sure to consider safety issues and choose the right size for your dog.

Always supervise your dog when he or she is playing with toys and remove any toy that has become damaged to prevent your dog from getting hurt while playing.

Do you have a favorite kind of dog toy that we didn’t mention?

If so, let us know in the comments section.


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