Why Your Labrador Puppy Needs A Harness

Why Your Labradoodle Needs A Harness?

The reason why your labradoodle needs a harness is because they are not used to wearing one. They have been trained to wear their own clothing but not their own harness. If they were, it would be easier for them to walk around without getting tired or falling down. You do not want your pup walking around with a limp from being overworked all day long!

So what type of harness should you get for him?

1. Dog Harnesses For Dogs – Best Of Breed (B.O.B.) vs Non-Breed Specific (NBS)

Dog harnesses are made of different materials than those designed for other animals such as cats, dogs, horses etc. There are two types of dog harnesses: B.O.B and NBS. Both types have advantages and disadvantages but the main difference between these two is that the B.O.B harnesses are designed specifically for dogs while the NBS harnesses are not.

A B.O.B harness is made of a material which is similar to leather, but much softer and thinner than cowhide. These types of dog harnesses are suitable for small breeds like pugs, chihuahuas, shih tzus and so forth. They are also made for larger breeds like German shepherds, rottweilers, golden retrievers and other large dogs.

Non-breed specific harnesses are designed more for the average dog owner who does not want to spend much money on a dog harness. These are made of cheaper materials; usually nylon or polyester. They come in many different colors and designs.

The B.O.B harness is much more durable than the NBS harness and can be used for a longer period of time. If you are going to get a dog harness for your labradoodle, we definitely recommend getting the B.O.B type.

The only downside of these types of dog harnesses is that they are usually expensive and cost more than a NBS harness.

2. Harness

Sizing For Dogs?

Yes, It Is Important!

Harness sizing for dogs is important because you want the harness to fit your dog properly. A poorly fitted harness can cause a great deal of problems. First of all, a poorly fitted harness can become damaged more easily and break during use. So if the harness breaks while on your dog, there is a possibility that it may no longer be safe for use.

To avoid this problem you should always make sure the harness fits your dog properly. The company that makes the dog harness will have information on their website about how to measure your pet for the harness. Alternatively, you can also take your dog to a local pet shop and let them measure him so that you can buy a properly fitting harness.

3. Various Types Of Dog Harnesses

There are several different types of dog harnesses available today. Let’s take a look at some of them.

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No-Pull Dog Harness

The no-pull harness is useful for training your dog not to pull on the leash when you go for a walk. These types of dog harnesses have a ring on the front and on the back. The ring on the back is for attaching the leash. When your dog starts to pull on the leash, the harness creates pressure on the dog’s body which counteracts the pressure created by the pulling and stops your dog from doing it.

No-Pull Harness With Suspenders

This type of harness has added features which help to make walking your dog easier. These harnesses have straps which go over the shoulders of your dog. The straps are similar to the ones which you see on a backpack. These straps stop the harness from falling down to the dog’s belly area. Shoulder straps can also prevent your dog from slipping out of the harness.

No-Pull Dog Sled Harness

If you want to go mushing with your dog, you are going to need one of these! These come in two varieties: standard and ski tow. The standard ones have long straps which attach to the sled and another short one which attaches to the dog. The shorter one is of course for the dog and it goes around the dog’s chest or torso.

The ski tow harnesses are designed for smaller dogs. They consist of several straps, two long ones that connect to the skis and two shorter ones that connect to the sled. This harness is great for better control when your dog is pulling you on skis.

4. Ease Of Use And Portability

How easy is the harness to use?

If it’s too complicated to figure out, you are not going to use it which sort of defeats the purpose of having one. Like most things in life, the more features it has, the more complicated it is going to be to figure out. However, this does not necessarily mean that you should go for the simple model because at least some of the extra features can come in quite handy.

Portability is another important factor to consider especially if you are planning on traveling with your dog. A good harness should not take up too much space and be light enough for you to carry around. Of course if you are only going to be using it at home, this factor is not as important.

5. How

Much Room Does Your Dog Need?

If you have an SUV or a minivan then the size of the harness may not matter that much to you. However, if you drive a compact car then you might want to pay attention to this factor. Even if you have the room in your car, having too much harness bulk can be a bit inconvenient in other ways such as when you are putting the harness away.

6. Check The Quality Of The Materials That The Harness Is Made Of

You do not want to buy something that is going to fall apart after a few uses. You need something that is durable and will last you a long time. If you are unsure about the quality of the harness, do a little research on it before buying.

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You might even consider reading the reviews written by other customers who have bought the products. That way you can see if there were any issues with the harness falling apart or breaking. You do not want to waste your money on something that is not going to last you very long.

7. What

Type Of Dog Are You Buying This Harness For?

Dogs can have very different body types and sizes. If you have a large dog then you are obviously going to need a large harness. The same is true if you have a small dog. It would be counterproductive to buy a harness that was not the right size for your dog.

Make sure that you take your dog’s measurements before going out to the store to buy one. You can then use these measurements as a guide when trying on different harnesses.

For example, some harnesses are not properly suited for very muscular dogs. They may be too tight on certain parts of their body, which does not allow for maximum freedom of movement. This can prevent your pet from being able to pull his or her full weight.

8. Is

This A Dog Harness Or A Dog Jacket With A Harness Attached?

This is an important distinction because some models are just a jacket with a harness attached to it. While these may be very cute, they don’t offer the control that you gain from a full harness.

9. What

Are Other People Saying About This Dog Harness?

At the time of this writing there were about 136 reviews written about the Pawaboo dog harness. Take a look at what other people are saying about this product so you can get a better idea if this is something that you want to buy for your dog.

10. Consider The Price And Warranty Information

You should never decide whether or not to buy a product based solely on the price. Buy something that is reasonably priced, but don’t cheap out. After all, you want your dog to be safe and you need something that is durable.

Having said that, you should also never buy something just because it is expensive. There may be cheaper options on the market, which perform nearly as well. Always do a little research before opening your wallet.

You should also pay attention to the warranty information. If something is wrong with the harness then you can always make a complaint to the store where you bought it or the distributor that sold it to the store.

11. Where

Is The Best Place To Buy This Product?

While you may be tempted to buy this product from a big box pet store, there is a good chance you can find it elsewhere for less money. Online retailers often sell pet products for a lot less. Do your research and find out where you can buy this harness for the best price.

Why Your Labrador Puppy Needs A Harness | thelabradordogs.com

Our Final Thoughts About The Pawaboo Dog Harness

Overall, the Pawaboo dog harness is a good choice for people who own aggressive dogs that pull when on a leash. It is better than using a standard dog collar since you can steer your pet more effectively and prevent injuries caused by chafing or even neck damage.

We like the fact that this model is made in the United States. This is important because you know that it has been safety tested. The quality is very good and it should last for a long time if properly looked after.

The only real complaint that people have about this harness is that the sizing is a bit off. All manufacturers have this problem from time to time, but it can be rather inconvenient when you have to return something because it does not fit your dog correctly.

Find low prices on the Pawaboo dog harness here.

Do you own a dog harness?

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Expert Tip #1: The harness needs to fit two fingers under theharness. This allows for extra room to grow and is safer for the dog.

Expert Tip #2: In order for the harness to work properly, it needs to be fitted properly. Always measure your dog first before buying a harness.

Expert Tip #3: Do not buy a useddog harness from a thrift store or on the internet. You do not know how the previous owner(s) treated the harness or if it is even safe.

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